Project leader and instructor: Layan Said, assistant curator at Beit HaGefen Art Gallery

Co- instructor: Yasmina Hujerat, BFA Haifa University, artist and graduate of the LunArt Pre-College Prep Course 2009

The project seeks to expose adolescents to Palestinian art through a series of guided sessions in conjunction with independent research. The project is aimed at students who have an interest and affinity with art, and will be comprised of approximately three participants from each Arab school in Haifa. In a series of sessions the students will encounter a world of artworks, artists, contents and concepts in art, contemporary art and Palestinian art, accompanied by discussion and support of independent research that will be conducted between sessions. The project will culminate in a day tour and meeting with senior Palestinian artists, about whom the students will learn beforehand. The tour will be documented by a professional filming crew that will edit the meeting into a short film that will serve the students in the final part of the project. In the conclusion of the project, the students will present an introduction of Palestinian art for the students of the school they attend. The first class of the project commenced in April 2013.

The project is funded by the Art Gallery at Beit HaGefen – Arab Jewish culture center, Haifa and LunArt Fund.

Beit HaGefen – a Jewish-Arab Culture Center  in Haifa – is a nonprofit organization which strives for the creation of common and equal spaces that encompass the variety of identities and cultures in Haifa in particular and in Israel in general. Beit HaGefen holds various cultural, educational and tourism activities.