LunArt Scholarship for a Graduate Degree in Art Administration – Sapir College (2021-2023)

According to a survey on the status of Arts and Culture within the Arab-Israeli communities commissioned by the Israeli Ministry of Culture in 2015, one of the major problems hindering the development of a vibrant arts and culture scene in the Israeli Arab society was the total lack of specially appointed and well-trained professional arts and culture administrators in Arab-Israeli local government bodies. Out of 87 local government bodies surveyed, only the two municipalities of Nazareth and Shefaram had a specially designated employee assigned to administrate the arts and culture activities in their respective towns. Still, those two professionals worked under the general title of community affairs and were also given to deal with the management of public holiday events and sports.

At the beginning of 2021, LunArt in cooperation with Sapir College, awarded study scholarships covering 80% of the tuition for the two-year M.A degree program in Art Administration to three candidates from the Bedouin society in the Negev. The three scholars were chosen by a specially appointed advisory board that screened a dozen eligible applicants.

LunArt is also involved in helping the three scholars network with Bedouin and Jewish Art and Culture NGO’s in the Negev, by forming a special study group led by the personal guidance of the head of the academic department of Arts Administration, Ms. Shira Lapidot, and aided by a specially appointed group mentor funded by the Dean of the College.

LunArt will work in close cooperation with Sapir College Center for Innovation & entrepreneurship (“HIE Sapir”) and the academic staff and head of the Art Administration Department to aid the scholars in networking with culture and art leaders and art NGOs in the southern periphery of Israel. LunArt will also endeavor to place the scholars, during the last semester of their studies, in a paid internship program at the West Negev Cluster Association or within the municipality of Rahat.  

The mission of our endeavor is to groom a small cadre of professionals whose post-graduate task would be to create a vibrant arts and culture hub operating on the municipal government level.  The LunArt Fund will further aid the scholars in creating a digital interactive network mapping all arts and culture centers and individual initiatives in that area, Aiming to serve the general Bedouin population in the south. We hope that the new culture administration network will function as an economic growth engine for the local communities in the smaller municipalities and unrecognized villages surrounding the major metropolitan hub of Rahat.