Program Location

The program found a hospitable home at ‘Minshar for Art’, a non-profit art school and a lively cultural center in the heart of Tel-Aviv. Our hosting school has over 500 students and offers programs in photography, film, fine art, animation, theater, graphic design and creative writing. ‘Minshar for Art’ is a fully equipped art education facility with state of the art technology located in a six-story building in Tel Aviv. The first floor of ‘Minshar for Art’ includes an active and innovative contemporary art gallery, a film auditorium, library and cafeteria.

Program Duration and Curriculum

The program was developed as a three year pilot project and lasted 21 weeks per academic year with classes were held twice a week:


12:30-15:00   Introduction to Art theory class with Tal Ben Zvi

15:30-18:00   Painting and Drawing with Uzi Katsav


12:30- 15:00   Multidisciplinary seminar (in Arabic) with Hannah Farah

15:30-18:00   Introduction to photography with Ofrit Kinar

6 days were dedicated to gallery and museum visits.

Target Group and Recruitment Process

Target Group: Any Israeli-Arab high school graduate, 18  years or older, interested in applying to a higher education program in visual arts, graphic or industrial design, architecture, film or art therapy.

Recruiting Process: Due to our budget limits, our program was only advertised through internet social networks such as Facebook and viral marketing (friends sending e-mails to their friends).

Director and Teachers:

Hannah Farah: Teaches Multidisciplinary Seminar

  • Palestinian Artist, Architect and a construction worker.
  • Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Yaffa and Kfar-Bireim.
  • Participated in many group shows such as: ‘Revealing another reality, correspondence- 13 Palestinian Artists Examine the Reality’, The Islam Museum, Jerusalem, The winners of the science and culture ministry  for art and design 2007 and many more.
  • Visiting curator at the Herzelia Museum, Gallery for Art, Um El Fachem and the Israeli Center for Digital art, Holon.
  • Worked on the development of the New Kfar-Bireim 1996-2008.

Dr. Tal Ben Zvi: Teaches Art Theory

  • Curator and researcher of contemporary art.
  • Her doctoral thesis subject was “Representations of the ‘Nakba’ in the Palestinian Art”.
  • 2001-2003 curator of “Haggar”, an art gallery in Jaffa for Palestinian art.
  • 1998-2001 curator of the art space at the offices of Heinrich Bell fund.
  • Visiting Curator at the Herzelia Museum, Tel Aviv Museum, Ein-Harod Museum, El-Matal Gallery, Ramallah, and more.
  • Currently teaches at ‘Minshar for Art’, Tel Aviv, Seminar Hakibutzim, Sapir College, Sderot.

Ofrit Kinar: Teaches Photography

  • Showed in several solo and group exhibitions in Tel Aviv and NYC.
  • Currently teaches full time in ‘Seminar Hakibuzim’, Tel Aviv and ‘Minshar for Art’.
  • Graduate student in Cognitive Neuroscience program, Psychology Dept, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.