LunArt provided small contributions and/or  advisory support to several organizations using visual arts as a “culture bridge” between Jewish and Arab Israelis:

  • Umm Al Fahem Art Gallery  (acting as member of the advisory board and contributor)
  • Tsadik Foundation Art Fellowship (acting as  Award Nominator)
  • Inter Agency Task Force on Israeli-Arab Issues (art-committee member)
  • Jaffa Salon for Palestinian Art Gallery Tel Aviv-Yaffo (supporter)
  • William S. Paley foundation (acting as adviser on proposed art education project at the Paley Center in east Jerusalem)
  • Scholarships- LunArt donated 29,000 NIS in September 2011 and May 2012 and 10,000 NIS in 2013/4 for tuition scholarships for Arab students at Minshar Art School in Tel Aviv and at “Oranim” College of Education/
  • HomeBase VI – Jerusalem – LunArt donated 35.000 NIS for an art residency of two Arab-Israeli artists (a Druze and a Christian Arab) and one Arab-Israeli curatorial panel at the HomeBase International art residency project. The project started in August 2014 and will end in December 2014 at the historic home located at 23 Derech Beit Lechem in the Baqqa neighborhood in Jerusalem. This project culminated in a Roundtable art panel that took place in 2015. see:
  • Matching Grant- the Leichtag Foundation. LunArt in cooperation with HomeBase VI- Jerusalem has been awarded a matching grant in the amount of $10,000 to complement LunArt’s donation for the art residency and future Roundtable Research P, roject in East Jerusalem to be hosted by the Willie Brandt Foundation in Jerusalem on  January 12,  2017.
  • Lunart is  an active member of the advisory board of the art gallery at Umm-El-Fahem. LunArt donated 30,000 ILS in 2014 and 33,000 ILS in order to help the UEF gallery in its ongoing gallery renovation project.